Monday, November 22, 2004

Port au Prince Haiti

Well to update you on my situation....I am in Petionville at the hotel Caribe 257 2524 at 13 rue leon nau instead of the ollofsen because there has been lots of "demonstrations" (rioting) in the downtown area where that hotel is. Two days of @#$* in port au prince and the burning of a radio station in st. Marc, so we were lucky to get to port au prince at all since there was a burning road block set up in saint Marc on Thursday. Anyway I thought it would be smart to get out of port au prince so I am up in Petionville where it is safe and am trying to get info on just how bad things are.....I hope it's not a @#$##$# "coup d etat" or some @#$* like that...It's kinda tough to find out what's going on since I do not speak French and that's all the radio is and CNN has not mentioned Haiti...So I guess that's good. I am scheduled to go into PaP on Monday and Tuesday which is the "anniversary of the revolution" or something...So I will play it by ear and ask the local guy for World relief that I am working with.
It's rather nice here in Petionville in terms of Haiti standards and I am feeling quite comfortable and safe. I am the only guest in the hotel which is weird. I am guessing that after Tuesday things will calm down. Since I cannot easily access CNN if you get any Haiti info pass it along on email.
more in another email in a second.....

Monday, November 08, 2004

slow monday

on and off rain today in San Diego, last night we lost our hockey game to the kings but played well for a bunch of old guys.
working on email and computer issues today, nothing too exciting

Saturday, November 06, 2004

First entry