Thursday, March 27, 2008

I got thrown out of Cuba in June...they don't like journalists

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Ed Muzika said...

Maybe they like don't you.

Why do you say, "They do not like journalists?" Who is "they" and are there journalists they do like?

Are not your, or anyone's political leanings and statements, relevant to your acceptance by politicos in any country?

I can easily say Republicans don't like me, but I know why.

Anonymous said...

The best way to avoid that is to avoid looking like a journalist. :) I find it a little strange since people like David Alan Harvey and Alex Webb seem to have avoided this problem.

Karl Grobl said...

Yes, you're correct, the best way is to avoid looking like a journalist...but if you arrive at the airport with two Canon Mark IIs, one with a 70-200 2.8, the other with a 16-35 2.8, a passport full of stamps from places like Haiti, Sudan, Afghanistan and Burma and happen to run into an immigration official who's having a bad day, things can and do go south quickly, as they did for me. I was interrogated for 2 hours then asked to leave the country. The funny thing is, that the 3 previous times that I visited Cuba, I arrived in similar style and breezed through without incident.

Regarding David Alan Harvey, I seem to recall hearing, (and someone correct me if I am wrong), that after publishing the Cuba book, David and National Geo were asked not to come back to Cuba. Apparently some of the pictures were not "flattering".

Cuba's government (as all governments do) uses propaganda and tightly control what gets published inside Cuba. There is noting that even resembles a free press. Journailist who want to portrait anything other than the "positives" are discouraged from working there.

David and Alex, as well as many other photographers who have worked in Cuba provide important visual information to those who don't have the opportunity to visit Cuba themselves.

Karl Grobl said...

Ed, thanks for the comment, Yes, I guess I should re-title the post to "They don't like me".

And hey,I'm a Republican and I like you.