Friday, December 18, 2009

Back From a Quick Trip to Chicago

Sorry for not having posted for such a long time. I have quite a few things in the hopper at the moment and haven't have time to write. Just yesterday afternoon I returned to San Diego after visiting my folks in Chicago. Now I'm  back to work.......Please hang in there for a few more days as I'll be announcing the launch of my new, improved, blog.

Have a great weekend.



Rob Oresteen said...

Uh, yea...Mom said you were in town. I set up "Karl Grobl" day at the Wolf Camera in Naperville. The lines went out the door and down to the river...

Seriously, the new blog looks nice.

- Rob

Karl Grobl said...

Hi Rob,

Hey, thanks for the comment about the new blog. Your blog is really beautiful and I love reading it too. Keep up the great work! BTW, if anybody else is reading this comment...please check out Rob's blog at

OK, buddy, let me know if you do another "Karl Grobl day" at Wolf!

Happy Holidays to you and yours,


Rob Oresteen said...

Thanks for the kind words Karl...I'm not sure my stuff is in your league..but maybe someday.

BTW - we love your Mom! I almost hate charging her for anything!

Tell KR that I send people right to his site after they get D3000's!

Merry Christmas.

- Rob