Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Day in Manila

It's been an amazing three and a half days in Manila and I think that there will be plenty of options, if we decide to run a tour here. Between the bustling markets, the street scenes and all the photo-friendly folks, Manila has much to offer for photography.  Here are a few "parting shots" from Manila. Tomorrow I head up-country to Laoag and Vigan. I'm told that the Vigan lives up to its reputation of being the most well preserved Spanish Colonial town in the Asia. UNESCO lists it as a World Heritage site, so it's probably going to be excellent.
Water front promenade, Manila Bay, Ermita.
Jeepnies plying the streets at sundown.
Motorcycles in front of old door, on Mibini Street
Man with shopping  bag, waterfront, Manila Bay
Child scavenging through flotsam and jetsam on the beach, Manila Bay
Sunset over the guard tower, United States Embassy, at Manila Bay, Ermita, Manila.


Chris Martin said...

Hi Karl,

I have really enjoyed your images from Manila. Your coverage provides a good glimpse at daily life and the photographic opportunities there. Looks to be a great location for one of your workshops.

Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to more postings from other locations.



Drey said...

Hello Karl,

I love your photos! Just a question though, how do you carry your camera on the field? Aren't you scared with prying thieves or snatchers around the streets?

I would like to do a photo walk myself around my own town but scared of the idea. My photo buddies doesn't even have the guts going out.

I hope I could learn from you Karl!

Thanks a lot and may you enjoy more about my country!

Damien Dante said...

Hi Karl,

I just recently stumbled upon you & your blog and am loving every minute of it!

Upon reading quite a few of your previous posts, I find your character & honesty quite professional, refreshingly giving and inspirational. That being said, I still find myself with a few unanswered questions I hoped you could shed some light on.

Being a semi-pro Nikon person, I was firstly curious as to if you (as a pro) had considered at least 1 of your new Nikon body purchases being a D3x full frame 24.5MP camera. Does your line of work not particularly warrant really large images or was it mainly cost, or other?

But even more importantly, I was really interested in if you had considered including vital information data along with your pics, such as focal length of the lens, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and so on? (ya know, the way the photography magazines do) Not to reveal your 'secrets' as much as to just let us know exactly what we're really looking at.

I know and appreciate the fact that you update this blog almost daily, I was just wondering if that was something that nobody had ever suggested before or if it was something that would take too much time to add.

Either way, I am gratefully appreciative of the service you do and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

I expect to be in contact with you, and following you throughout your journeys for a long, long time!

Thank you,
Damien Dante

Karl Grobl said...

Thanks Chris, Drey and Damien, I really appreciate your comments and participation. A few quick answers...No, I'm not scared, the Philippines is very safe compared to some places I work. Damien, you're correct, no need for big files in my line of work, and the cost of the X is quite high so I am happy with the S. I could include shooting data, but it's about all I can do to write a few words and include some phohtos from the day...and unfortunately I dont blog every day, but during this trip I have been doing quite a's not the norm. Take care and thanks for following the bog. Karl