Saturday, July 23, 2005

May 22 2002 Peru

at machu picchu actually aguas calientes..justdown the hill. we are at the presidente hotel 45 pernight very nice place. we went to the ruins today fromabout 1pm to 5pm and as i walked around i rememberedwhen we came. the hotel on top is all redone and ihear that it is 300 per night. I'm so proud of youwhen i look up at inca gate and especiall huyanapicchu and know that you made it all the way to thetop....that was really an'resuch a trooper. i know you can make the ms walk too!!!Yesterday we went to willoq and talked to the pricipalabout doing school pictures....he agreed and we shotevery kid in the entire school...165 of them. I foundmy favorite little girl Estephania again and took morephotos of her and gaver her the copy of last time'sphoto. She still is the most mysterious of all thekids and i really like her eyes and her manner. luckily when we were staying in ollantaytambo therewas a fiesta of the patron saint of the town...a 4 dayparty 24 hrs a day...not too good for sleeping butgreat for photos. i met a photographer in the lobby ofour hotel and he asked if i had any photos on theweb...and we exchanged websites...when i handed him mycard he immediately recognized my name and said thathe had written me for advice and i had emailed himback about a year ago...he said he really loved mywork .....bizzare how small the world is

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