Friday, April 30, 2010

10 Questions

Heber Vega is a humanitarian worker and photographer. He's originally from Chile but now based in northern Iraq doing humanitarian work. Heber has a very informative blog and website. Currently, he's doing a series of interviews called "10 Questions", it's about photographers who shoot for NGOs (non-government humanitarian organizations).

He has interviewed several different photographers, and  last week interviewed me. He just posted the text and pictures on-line, this morning. If you would like to see the interviews and learn more about photographers who shoot for NGOs click here.

Have a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

I often thought of photographers to be bystanders that watch, shoot pictures, but do not help -- reading your story made me rethink this.
It is false to think you do not help with your work, and your dedication to become what you are now is admirable!

The tech-talk gets a lot of comments here, which is sad, as this post and the interview is way more valuable and worth reading!

Karl Grobl said...

Thanks for your comments.

Sometimes when I am done shooting for an NGO, I will do a slideshow of the images that I shot, for the local office staff.. The people who work at desks, organizing and managing things have an important job supporting those on the front lines. The people working in the office really enjoy seeing what's happening out in the field, and they feel proud. I make a big point to say to them, that without their work back in the office, the field programs wouldn't be possible. It's a team effort and if everyone does their job, then the system works.

Media needs to do the best job they can, relief workers and office personnel need to do the best that they can and donors need to do the best they's a long chain and all the links are missing link and the chain is unable to pull everyone forward!