Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in San Diego

I can't believe that it's been over three months since my early January departure for Sri Lanka to cover a story about post-war peacebuilding for the Asia Foundation . That assignment, followed by other NGO jobs, and my work leading 2 back-to-back photo tours in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia as well as a new photo tour to Vietnam, has kept me pretty busy.

I'll be home for a while, catching up on correspondence, re-supplying, recharging and enjoying the comforts and conveniences of San Diego.

It's always nice to come back and see some of the mail that has accumulated, including publications that have come in, from clients who have used some of the images that I shot for them.(below EductionDevelopmentCenter's use of an image I shot for them in East Timor)

It's also my opportunity to catch up on reading and get inspired...mostly by my magazine subscriptions including NPPA and National Geographic.

Once I dig out from under tons of correspondence and catch up on phone calls, I'll have a surprise announcement for you gear-heads, so please stay tuned, and as always, thanks for following the blog.

Cheers, Karl

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CarrieBearie said...

Hey Karl! Thanks for the holler on my blog (although if you're like me, you forget to check for blog comments...). Welcome back! Wow, 4 months?! That's a loooong time! Congrats on having your photos in Town & Country! They did good in their choice of image-makers!!! It's just so awesome how you use your incredible skills/talent.