Thursday, May 27, 2010

Leaving Sagada, the long haul to Baguio

Just prior to leaving, I came across a small group of people, preparing food in a forested area near town, they were dismembering chickens. I was not able to communicate with them but everyone got a kick out of me being so interested in photographing the scene.
The main bus terminal (actually just an intersection with a small sundries store) in town was buzzing with action. Travelers and families waiting for the buses to fill before the drivers would proceed.
While waiting for my local bus to Bagio, I noticed a group of Filipino photographers ane we started a conversation. Several of them were carrying Think Tank bags, so I grabbed a few shots before the bus took off for Bagio. I think the folks at Think Tank will be happy to see that photographers the Philippines love their Thnk Tank bags!
It was a long 7 hours to Bagio and it was raining heavily on arrival. The road between Sagada and Bagio is an amazing engineering feat. The trip is not for the squeemish or those who tend to get motion sickness, but the scenery along the way is totally amazing. This stretch of road is considered by many to be the most beautiful section of road in the Philippines and I wouldn't disagree. The road passes through countless small villages and provides views of rice terraces, nearly the entire way.


Jacob Maentz said...

It's nice to see you are enjoying your visit in Luzon.

Drey said...

Hello Karl,

I envy your work. You've been to a lot of places in less than a week. Places that I haven't been able to go there.

Love the photos!

Keep it up, God Bless you along the way!

Karl Grobl said...

Thanks Jacob and Drey!

Robbie said...

hi Karl, i am a big fan of your photos.

have a safe travel.

Theodore Paradise said...

Beautiful images Karl. First, I love the color that you're capturing with the Nikons. That purple Land Rover makes a real splash. I was curious, when you are shooting and uploading to the blog are you capturing in RAW+JPEG and posting the JPEGS for efficiency? Second, I really enjoy your use of the wide angle for the portraits; the environmental context is really compelling.

Ferdz said...

Glad to see you enjoyed Sagada. The Halsema Highway, the road connecting Baguio and Sagada is the highest highway in the Philippines. You could also see the highest mountain in Luzon on the road, Mt Pulag :D

Francesco said...

Hi Karl, thank you for this blog. I've just discovered it and it's really interesting.
Anything about your new gear? Your impressions compared to the previous Canon one?

Wallace said...

hi Karl, Thanks for posting our photos. Nice blog you have.

Thanks again!

Karl Grobl said...

Thanks Wallace, I'm happy to do it. Nice meeting you guys. Hope you had a nice trip on top of that bus all the way back to Bagio! I checked our your Flickr images....great stuff! Keep it up!