Thursday, May 20, 2010

Manila Day 3

Yesterday was spent mostly in traffic, commuting around Manila meeting with travel agencies and checking out a photography gallery in Makati.  Despite all that time sitting in taxis and jeepnies, I couldn't help but take a few snaps along the way.
CocaCola logos can be found in all the remote places on the planet, and they are a great backdrop for photos. Whenever I see a Coke logo with someone or something interesting in front of it I grab a few shots.
This guy saw me walking along, and lit up with a great smile and a thumbs up, I quickly raised the camera and snapped off two frames.
I share the four shot sequence above to point out the importance of staying with a subject long enough to capture the unfolding emotions or expressions. I often shoot sequences like this for my NGO clients, so that when they put together a piece, they are able to use the image that fits best. Moral of the story...stay with it, don't put the camera down and start chimping until the action is over! My favorite is frame number three, what's yours?




Erick Nguyen said...

The third shot is my favourite too, though the shy look in the first one is also very cute.
Nice captures.

Karl Grobl said...

Hi Erick, Thanks for your comment and compliment, yes, I like the first one too.

Remi said...

Have to agree with you. No. 3 is my favourite.

Ian said...

Hi Karl

Is it just myself or are you exploring the rich colours of the Nikon to the max?

Lester S Delvalle said...

You seem so comfortable photographing young kids. Have you ever encountered parents or such that were opposed to it? Do you usually ask permission first? And #3 is beautiful!!