Wednesday, January 06, 2010

48 Hours in Transit

I've arrived in Colombo Sri Lanka after what seemed like a very long time. First was an 18 hour flight from LA to Bangkok, followed by a 12 hour layover, then a short 3 hour flight to Colombo. Arriving at the airport last night at about midnight, I was picked up and transported to the hotel. The streets of Colombo were virtually devoid of cars and people, with only the occasional military check point, slowing our progress to the hotel. I awoke this morning anxious to get shooting with the Asia Foundation. I'll be documenting a Post Conflict Peace Building Initiative, aimed at improving the relationship and communication between the police and the Tamils.

The last time I was here in Sri Lanka, I my work was centered around the recovery efforts following the 2004 Indian ocean Tsunami along the south coast. This time  I'll be driving across the interior of the country and on to the east coast. In less than one hour I will be traveling to Kandy to meet Bent Jones, who's writing the story and the Asia Foundation's local staff who will be assisting us.  Given the opportunity, I hope to have the opportunity blog again soon, and to provide a more interesting image...the one above was all I could muster from the window of my hotel room this morning.

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Celso Mollo said...

Hi My Friend!

I am there with you, I will be following you in this trip, anxious to hear the stories and see the pictures.
Good luck