Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Siem Reap / Angkor Wat ..Another Epic Day!

Below: fishing nets, Kompong Kleang, Tonle Sap Lake near Siem Reap, Cambodia and a grasshopper perched on an infants back. No one freaked out when the grasshopper landed on the child, and a few moments later, the mother casually removed the grasshopper with her hand. Further below, a Khmer man wearing a traditional Kroma (Cambodian Scarf).

Above, I photographed this child playing with home made billiard table. Using marbles, a wooden stick, and plastic stools for table support, he was totally engrossed in the moment, and was not even initially aware that I was photographing him. It always delights me to see imaginative children amusing themselves with home made toys. I hope X-boxes and GameBoys never make it to Cambodia!


J Wytrych said...

Hi Karl,
My name is Janet and I met you at the Darkroomers Photo club where you spoke and also gave me some recommendations on Cambodia. When I saw these pics I had to post. Thanks for recommending Peace of Angkor; the day on the Tonle Sap in Kompong Kleang were one of my favorite days of the trip. The people and sites are amazing.

myeye said...

Great stuff, wish I was there...have a Beer Lao for me! *~*

Jim House said...

Ah yes...Kompong Kleang and the trip on the motorboat out to edge of Tonle Sap where we saw and got to photograph the floating fish market. I remember Joey (The Intrepid New Yorker) clamboring onto the boats and buying something like an ice cream cone from a vendor before you realized what she was doing. You tried to call out, Don't eat it, but she already was gulping it down. As for me, I focused on staying upright on the raised prow of our rocking boat, holding my big camera upright, and snapping images. We were butted up against the boats of the fish vendors; I could have followed Joey into and across their boats to the ice cream man, but I discouraged myself, saying, you will go for a swim. Everyone will laugh. But, the images were great.