Monday, January 18, 2010

Long Neck Tribe and the Burmese Border

Today we visited a long neck tribe about one and a half hours away from our hotel. Along the way we stopped to photograph some workers in a rice field, pulling up seedlings and replanting them. The action was fast and furious. Everyone got some great, up close images, and no one fell into the water!

Meeting, observing and photographing The Karen Long Neck tribe is always an amazing experience, and today was particularly good because the lighting conditions were ideal. Overcast skies, the shade provided by the bamboo and thatch market stalls, combined with nice, warm, bounce light coming off of the dirt floors, gave our pictures a wonderful "glow".

After visiting the long neck tribe we headed to the Burmese border at Tachilek, where we crossed through immigration and spent a few hours photographing a local market and a large hill top pagoda. Tomorrow we head down to Chaing Khong and then cross the Mekong to Huai Sai, Laos, and pick up our boat to Pak Beng.


Caryn Avante said...

Hey Karl! Sure looks like fun! Perhaps next year, eh? Either that or Burma!

robbie said...

It is great to see Harry and Judy under the Burma sign.I was under the sign in 2005. What a beautiful country with beautiful humble people. I know you will have a great trip. The pictures are wonderful!

Robbie Hamper

harry purcell said...

This was our second trip with Karl, 1st was Peru,and we can only say what a delight it is to work with such a fine professional. As guide, teacher, mentor and friend Karl is top shelf. The trip went off without a hitch, everything happened on time, we all got amazing photos, he even kept some of the broken lenses duck taped so operations could continue!!
If you are planning a trip with Karl I suggest you read and follow is recommendations on everything you possibly can. Especially bring your 16 to 85 and 70 to 200 lenses if you can. I did, and am ever so glad. Karl is dedicated to making your trip a success.
Judi & Harry Purcell