Friday, January 15, 2010

Bangkok Thailand

I'm in Bangkok leading the first of two back to back 2010 Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Photo Tours which I lead annually for Jim Cline Photo Tours. Check out this link for the full itinerary of our tour.

Today we started our tour with a visit to some salt drying areas along the roadside en route to the famous floating market of Damnern Saduak. In the above image I chose a low angle and caught a worker pushing a wheel barrow of salt towards Michael Rosenfeld, a physician from Vancouver BC. Michael is a veteran of photo tours and workshops and a first time tour guest with Jim Cline photo tours.

Workers  harvest the salt by hand, and using wheel barrows, transfer the dry salt to collection areas, begfore it is cleaned and packaged for sale.

At the floating market flowers, fruits, vegetable and cooked food are available for purchase. I shot the above image using a 16-35mm F2.8 lens to accentuate the steaming pot while, including the cook, seated in her boat preparing a bowl of soup.

One of my favorite subjects, an elderly woman who sells pot stickers, was in her usual spot today, so our group all had the opportunity to photograph her.

At the royal palace, this security guard near the royal residence caught my eye, so I positioned myself to place him on a background, created by a rust colored pillar. Waiting for him to look up, I then fired off a few frames, of which, I like this one best.

Later in the day, Harry Purcell, who has travel with me before (on our Peru tour), was interviewed by a group of students wishing to practice their English. Harry didn't seem to mind all the attention and the girls were really getting a kick out of talking to him.

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jeremy said...

I love the photo of the litttle old lady!!!