Sunday, March 07, 2010

Our First Day in Hoi An:

Yesterday we arrived flew from Saigon to Danang. Upon arrival we drove to Hoi An, and along the way made a short stop at China Beach for sunset. Today we spent the day exploring this UNESCO World Heritage site. The photo opportunities here in Hoi An are amazing and we took full advantage of them!
Shadow on the sidewalk
Shot from our cyclo ride
Woman in conical hat, smoking
Standing in the doorway
Incense burning in the temple

Tonight we dined at my favorite restaurant in Hoi An, the Morning Glory Cafe. The food was fantastic and the place offers a cooking school, which several of the tour guests have expressed interest in. Tomorrow is a free day for tour participants so perhaps some will take a cooking class. Me....I'll be renting a motorbike and heading out to explore the countryside and perhaps have lunch on the beach. Central Vietnam is a wonderful place...wish you were here! Cheers, Karl 

Motorbike on the sidewalk at night

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