Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Vietnam Photography Tour Off To A Great Start:

 This is our first year to run a Vietnam photo tour. All guests arrived in Saigon and met for an orientation meeting last night and today we set of to explore and photograph the frenetic activity of Saigon!
Our first stop was the bustling market in Cholon (the Chinese district). The photo opportunities were fantastic and the entire group quickly began making images of the amazing spectacle that was laid out before us. 
After an hour and a half we moved along exploring the city further, visiting temples, churches, historic buildings and even stopped at a crafts center, where disabled people were making lacquerware.
Every step of the way, Saigon offered up some fantastic street shooting opportunities, including people photography, architecture and still life. The colors and textures were astounding!
Our last stop was the War Remnants Museum, where we viewed the photo exhibit "Requiem", a collection of images by Photographers Who Died covering the conflict in Vietnam and Indochina. (here's a link to "The Digital Journalist" with more info and images about the exhibit and the photographers)


Anonymous said...

the quality and content of your
images constantly amaze me

Don Hamper

Gustavo Payan said...

Great to see that you're including Vietnam in your tours now Karl (and great to see some pics of you shooting in the spider review). I hope you include the Philippines in the tours sometime soon. Greetings from Chicago! (isn't it your hometown?)