Thursday, November 19, 2009

David duChemin's Visionmongers Book Released

I'm sifting through mail that has accumulated since my departure in July (it's hard to believe, I had been on the road nearly 4 months!)...anyway, David interviewed me back in June and included my story in his newest book: VisionMongers. Visionmongers is about Making a Life and Living in Photography.
The book is peppered with inspirational and real-world case studies from photographers from various disciplines, including: Chase Jarvis, Kevin Clark, Gavin Gough, Zack Arias,Dave Delnea and, yours truly.

As encouraging as it is realistic, VisionMongers is about making a life and a living in photography.

David is a great guy, with a seemingly endless energy for photography and writing. If you have not already seen it, check out his blog. In my opinion David's blog the best photo blog on the net. I read it weekly for inspiration. see


Rob Oresteen said...

Cool - I forgot this was coming to Borders tomorrow...

Caryn Avante said...

Karl, thanks for this info on David's blog - something I'll be reading frequently! I'm going to hunt for his book as well!

peachpittv said...

Good to hear you like David's blog and consider it a go-to resource.

I work for Peachpit Press and we just launched an audio podcast series with Matt Brandon ( called Depth of Field where he interviews photographers from around the world. I thought you and your readers would enjoy this latest interview with David. Check it out here: