Wednesday, November 04, 2009

India Pushkar Fair PhotoTour: Vivien Rickaby

Three time Jim Cline Photo tour participant Vivien Rickaby of Cyprus made this wonderful portrait of a gypsy girl at the Pushkar Fair. Vivien can add this wonderful shot to her portfolio of images taken on her three different trips with us. Vivien and her husband John fist traveled with us to Peru, then to Southeast Asia and now India. The subject of Vivien's photo is Anita, a gypsy girl who I've known for years. Each year I find her at the fairgrounds and we hire her for an exclusive photo session on the dunes at sunset. Vivien released the shutter just as Anita tipped her head. She also selectively framed Anita off-center, leaving plenty of blank canvas to the right side of the frame. The resulting, perfectly balanced image is more than a great portrait, it's a masterpiece. As Vivien's husband John would say.... "splendid"!

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dv singh said...

she is beautifull........... good shot