Sunday, November 01, 2009

India Pushkar Photo Tour: Tom Lehman

Everyone on the tour is getting such wonderful images I'm posting them for all to see. The first image I am posting is by Thomas (the bull) Lehman of New York. Tom's image reminds me of a Steve McCurry shot....dark, mysterious and utilizing a very shallow depth of field. Tom is know as "the bull" because nothing can stop him. Although he carries the most gear of any of the tour members, he's always the first to hike the extra mile in search of the perfect image and the last one to opt for a ride home. After an extremely long day trudging through deep sand at Pushkar Fair, Tom "the bull" declined the camel cart ride back to camp and continued shooting even after sunset. He returned to camp with full CF cards, looking as though he had just been on a short leisurely stroll to the corner market and back. Tom, where do you get all that energy? Bravo to Tom for this incredible photo!

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